Pediatric Lab Test Services Provided in Mansfield, TX

Lab test Mansfield TXPediatric lab test services are performed every day at Bumps N’ Bruises Pediatric Urgent Care ­– a fully equipped walk in clinic for kids in Mansfield, Texas. Our board-certified physicians and other healthcare specialists are extensively trained in pediatrics and utilize equipment that is designed just for children. Simply put, Bumps N’ Bruises is your one-stop shop for pediatric-specific diagnostics and immediate medical care in a friendly, comfortable setting.

The first step toward helping your child feel better is determining what’s at the root of their symptoms. A lab test, such as a pediatric blood draw or urinalysis, may be performed to identify bacteria, viruses, and other factors that might be to blame for an illness, which can, in turn, help our practitioners prescribe an appropriate course of care. Bumps N’ Bruises in Mansfield, TX, is equipped with a clinical lab to offer a variety of onsite lab test services, including:

  • Blood and urine studies
  • Flu testing
  • Strep throat testing
  • Mononucleosis testing
  • RSV testing
  • Blood glucose testing
  • Urinalysis

It’s no secret – kids hate needles. We get it. Our specialists are uniquely trained to perform blood tests for children, and utilize small needles and take other measures to help kids feel as comfortable as possible during blood draws. If your child undergoes a lab test at Bumps N’ Bruises, we will share the results with your family’s pediatrician to help ensure continuity of care.

The next time your child comes home with a scratchy throat, an upset tummy, or any other non-emergency ailment, choose Bumps N’ Bruises Pediatric Urgent Care in Mansfield, TX, for streamlined treatment and compassionate care on a walk-in basis. If you have any questions regarding our lab test services or how we can help your child feel their best every day, please don’t hesitate to contact us.