Children’s Breathing Treatment at Bumps N’ Bruises Pediatric Urgent Care in Mansfield, TX

Breathing treatment Mansfield TXChildren’s breathing treatment is available from the experts at Bumps N’ Bruises Pediatric Urgent Care in Mansfield, Texas. Unlike primary care centers that are often booked for days in advance, Bumps N’ Bruises offers prompt walk-in care from board-certified and extensively trained pediatric specialists. Visit us when your child needs us; we are open seven days a week from noon to 9 p.m. and do not require appointments.

A breathing treatment is a method that is used to deliver medication to help a child breathe more easily. These treatments are often prescribed by physicians to address conditions like asthma. Breathing treatment at Bumps N’ Bruises involves the use of a nebulizer, a machine that administers liquid medicine (albuterol) to the lungs by transforming it into a breathable mist. This machine is simpler to use than a traditional inhaler and comes in models that are designed with children’s comfort in mind.

At Bumps N’ Bruises in Mansfield, TX, we want to help your child focus more on being a kid and less on breathing struggles. We also want to eliminate some of the stress involved with caring for a sick child. That’s why we utilize a triage system that ensures children with breathing struggles are swiftly attended to. Plus, our team includes a curbside nanny who helps parents complete paperwork, comfort upset children, and entertain healthy siblings.

Contact Bumps N’ Bruises Pediatric Urgent Care in Mansfield, TX, to discover more about our children’s breathing treatment options. We accept most major health insurance plans.