“We Know What’s Best For Our Little Bumps N’ Bruises!”

When your child needs pediatric urgent care, pediatric expertise matters most. Bumps N’ Bruises is an after- hour children’s medical center established in 2012 by pediatrician Dr. Erin Wallace to provide expert level of care for your child. Bumps N’ Bruises works in conjunction with your child’s pediatrician providing after-hours care from Noon – 9PM every day. This allows a convenient extension to your primary care doctor when their office is closed or unavailable. After your child is seen at Bumps N’ Bruises, we will fax your child’s pediatrician letting them know they were seen by us, what procedures were performed and/or which medications were administered/ prescribed.

At Bumps N’ Bruises, our pediatrician provides your child with the best care. We know all too well of the lack of options for after hour children’s urgent care. After all, infants and children are not just small adults. They need specialty care. Pediatric urgent care is not intended for emergencies. We treat those non-life threatening injuries and illnesses that are part of growing up. This includes everything from pink eye, allergies, and ear aches to muscle sprains and broken bones that can be treated quickly and correctly. Our staff works with patients from newborns through 18 years of age who come in with a range of illnesses and minor injuries. Your child’s urgent care should be expert pediatric care. This is why Bumps N’ Bruises has Board Certified pediatricians, pediatric trained and certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants that will evaluate and care for your child.

5 Minute Wait Guarantee

Bumps N’ Bruises takes a stressful situation and makes it as easy as possible for the parents and the patient. Parents don’t have to wait 3-4 hours to be seen. We provide a 5 minute initial evaluation guarantee. That’s right! Within 5 minutes of returning the insurance card to the parent, the staff at Bumps N’ Bruises have begin their medical evaluation. We understand that when one child needs to go the doctor, the other siblings do not have readily available childcare to allow them to stay home. Usually a healthy child is tagging along. This can be overwhelming for the already stressed parent. To address this predicament, we created the concept of a curbside nanny service to give these parents an extra hand with the other kids. Imagine having that extra help in an already stressful situation!

A Fun and Welcoming Child Themed Interior

When children enter our kids clinic facility, they are surrounded by kid-centered fun with adorable jungle characters on the walls and kid-friendly movies on the TVs in the cleanest urgent care waiting room. Many parents worry about letting their child explore and play while waiting, due to concern for passing germs from the toys from other children. At Bumps N’ Bruises however, the toys and books as well as counter surfaces are sanitized throughout the day, decreasing transmission of germs to other children. This allows parents to let their kids to explore and play while waiting on lab or x-ray results.

Always call your doctor first, but we are here when you need us.

Always call 911 if you think your child is experiencing a medical life-threatening emergency. If you think someone is poisoned, call Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222.